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Motorcycle Classes

Advanced Motorcycle Classes Available in Murfreesboro & Lynchburg

ProRider offers motorcycle classes in multiple locations - all in a challenging and fun environment. Our motorcycle classes are primarily designed for riders who possess a strong skill-set but wish to improve their riding skills.

Our certified police motorcycle instructors are ready to take your motorcycle skills and confidence to a new level, as they teach techniques and skills used by law enforcement motorcycle cops from coast to coast.

Advanced skills and safety training classes from ProRider include these options -

  • Precision & Control Course – a four-hour class, designed to prepare riders to better handle their motorcycles at low speeds with refined precision and control.

  • Defensive Riding Course – a four-hour course designed to prepare motorcycle riders to refine their anticipation and reactive skills, becoming safer riders.

  • Advanced Skills Course – an eight-hour class that combines the precision/control and defensive riding courses, with exercises that include slow cone weave, iron cross, and brake & evade.


ProRider motorcycle classes are now available in these locations –

  • Murfreesboro

  • Smyrna

But note the following –

  • Class sizes are restricted to 12 participants and often sell out quickly.

  • Classes with six or more participants will have multiple teachers.

  • Participants must have a license with a motorcycle endorsement.

  • Ownership of a street-legal motorcycle with insurance coverage, registration, and inspection, if applicable.


Are you ready to sign up for a ProRider Motorcycle or MCF course?

ProRider’s owners, Marty & Beth Dunkerson, are seasoned motorcycle riders with several decades of combined riding experience. ProRider can be reached by telephone at 615-653-4403 or by their online form.

Check out ProRider’s photo gallery, testimonials, and FAQs page for additional information.

Take your skills to a completely new level!

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