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Motorcycle Safety

Murfreesboro & Lynchburg's Preeminent Motorcycle Safety Training Course Taught by Certified Instructors

ProRider offers a safe but challenging and fun environment in which to learn to become an advanced biker.

Our motorcycle safety training and advanced skill classes are designed for experienced riders (who already have a motorcycle certification/license). ProRider’s courses provide a solid foundation on which riders become more confident as they hone their riding skills. These motorcycle classes are available, with a maximum class size of twelve–

  • Precision & Control Course

  • Defensive Riding Course

  • Advanced Skills Course – includes the precisions/control and defensive riding course


Advanced skills and safety training classes for ProRider are available in these locations –

  • Murfreesboro

  • Lynchburg

  • Smyrna

  • Shelbyville


Marty & Beth Dunkerson are avid motorcycle riders with more than two decades of riding experience. They can be reached by telephone at 615-653-4403 or with their online form.

Check out our testimonials and FAQs page for additional information.

Take your skills to a completely new level!

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